Black Lives Matter: Champaign-Urbana

Engaging in collective action against anti-Black racism in Champaign-Urbana


June 2016

Good Vibes 06/11/2016

Voices For Racial Justice 06/23/16

Third Death in Champaign County Jail

In only an eerie, short span of months we have lost 3 black individuals placed in the cells of the Champaign County jail. December 1st 2015 it was Toya Frazier, March 27th 2016 Paul Clifton, and  June 10th 2016 Veronica Horstead. Keeping those in police custody  has only resulted in  more stolen black lives and torn families/communities. We demand answers, we demand justice, we demand humanity.

Links to stories:

Veronica Horstead

Paul Clifton

Toya Frazier


Activist, Jasmine “Abdullah” Richards sentenced to 90 days in prison

Founder of Black Lives Matter Pasadena will be spending 90 days in a California prison and serving 3 years probation. Jasmine Abdullah Richards is the first black person to ever be convicted of “felony lynching”, and wrongfully so. Continue to spread and donate for justice:

Color of Change Petition for Jasmine

Donate To Jasmine’s Defense

Juneteenth Celebration 06/18/16

JOIN US IN CELEBRATING 151 years since the news of the Emancipation Proclamation reached Texas and freed the last of the slaves. Bring your family and friends to Douglass Park for summer fun and games. Sponsored by the Library Friends and the Champaign Park District.
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29-year-old Pasadena Black Lives Matter Activist, Jasmine “Abdullah” Richards was falsely convicted of “felony lynching” and is now facing 4 years in prison.

What activist Jasmine Richards’s “lynching” conviction means for the Black Lives Matter movement-Victoria M.Massie

How you can help:

Color of Change Petition for Jasmine

Donate to Jasmine’s Defense

WHITE FEELINGS 06/04/16-06/24/16

Champaign, IL – June 4- June 24
Opening reception June 4, 5:00-8:00 pm / Panel discussion June 22, 6:00 pm

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