Over the past 24-hours, there has been local concern centered around flyers that were dispersed around the Champaign-Urbana area. These flyers contained information of a potential KuKluxKlan “meeting”. There has yet to be any confirmation of the validity of such meeting.  However, this is a tactic being used to cast fear on marginalized groups in our local area. Whether this was a potential “joke” or not, we find this not only disgusting but another reminder of the work to be done in resisting white supremacist domination.


We also realize the United States is an empire that sustains itself through the actions of white supremacists in a corrupt capitalistic system that places profit over people.  The capitalist economy has enabled those of privilege to oppress less powerful communities. At a time where Black lives are being threatened each day either from local institutions and/or the United States government, we must address these aggressions loudly.


We understand that the destruction of the natural environment that has created unprecedented changes in the climate, which have brought about a series of natural disasters, is also the result of colonization and mass people displacement fueled by illusions of white supremacy.  


There must be more willing to not only condemn but actively dismantle systems of white supremacy.  Join Black Lives Matter Champaign-Urbana in shouting that racist hatred is NOT WELCOME IN OUR COMMUNITY!!!